With 110 Ministers and 14k salary each, your economy is an expenditure economy and not a revenue economy-Sam P Yalley

Opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) strongman Sam P Yalley has questioned the sincerity of the current government and its quest to improve the Ghanaian economy. According to him, having appointed an unprecedented 110 ministers with each taking a whopping 14 thousand Ghana Cedis as monthly salary, the government is rather making a mockery of itself, […]

If you believe so much in the private sector, what are 110 of you doing in the public sector-NDC to NPP

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has taken the current New Patriotic Party (NPP) administration to the cleaners and once again questioned its belief in the private sector as the engine of growth. ‘’Why is it that these people who believe that the private sector is the engine of growth, is that not their mantra? […]

Arresting the Ghana Cedi: Bawumia and his economic theories have expired-Sam P. Yalley

Opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) strong man, Sam P. Yalley has said Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia’s economic theories have expired and that he should stop commenting on economic issues in the country. ‘’As for my friend Bawumia, I don’t want to hear about him at all. Because One, his economic theories have expired, the theories […]

Election 2020: come out of your holes and talk for NDC, or forget appointment when we win-Sam P Yalley warns former appointees

‘’Let me warn our former ministers and MP’s who have all this information on all these deals that are being peddled against the NDC that if they don’t move from their holes and join the crusade in educating the masses and we win victory, they should come near appointment and they will see’’ That is […]

Cocoa Sector issues: We will see our smoothness and economic level when cocoa farmers revolt-Sam P. Yalley

Ghana’s former ambassador to India and opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) strongman, Sam P. Yalley fears the worst may happen to the country and the economy if cocoa farmers decide to revolt. He is premising his claim on the fact that government has not treated cocoa farmers fairly, explaining on a radio discussion programme monitored […]

NDC Race: even in opposition the NDC is attractive, that is why people are eager to lead it- Sam P Yalley

Leading Member of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Sam P Yalley says the NDC remains a very vibrant and attractive party to the majority of Ghanaians. His yardstick for measuring the vibrancy and attractiveness of the NDC is the large number of leading members of the party who have indicated their intent to contest […]