Video: ‘’I rejected two Rolls Royce cars as gifts because Ghanaians talk too much’’-Duncan-Williams

The Presiding Archbishop and General Overseer of the Action Chapel International Ministry, Nicholas Duncan-Williams has revealed that he has had to reject two very expensive Rolls Royce cars as gifts because of the loud nature of Ghanaians. reports the man who has been touted as the founder of the Charismatic Movement in Ghana as saying […]

Lady dies after confessing she framed up a Catholic Priest and accused him of impregnating her

Miss Queen Princess has died after confessing she framed a catholic priest up over her pregnancy. Princess died while giving birth in the hospital after confessing she lied against the priest, pointing out he was not responsible for her pregnancy and never slept with her. Princesses, who seek for forgiveness before her death, said she […]

Sex-starved martial arts woman arrested for kicking her boyfriend; coughs in paramedic’s face while shouting ‘I have coronavirus’

A Florida woman with a black belt in martial arts was arrested after breaking her boyfriend’s nose for refusing to have sex with her and then spiting at a paramedic who responded to the scene while claiming she had coronavirus. According to a probable cause affidavit obtained by The Smoking Gun, LaDonald Shakkie Holmes, 38, left her boyfriend bloodied on March […]

COVID-19: Keep paying your tithes and offerings even if you lose your jobs-Pastor Kenneth Copeland

American Televangelist, Kenneth Copeland, has urged Christians to not stop paying tithes and sowing seeds, even though they lose their jobs due to the recent coronavirus outbreak. The multimillionaire televangelist, courted controversy after he told his viewers not to stop paying their tithes and sowing seeds even if they lose their jobs because of coronavirus. He said; […]