Liberty Breakfast: ( Special Edition) By Luke Barson (Rev)-What Difference Will You Make This Easter?

After a hectic Praise,Prayer and Worship “Love On The Cross” celebration, and spending an extra two hours counselling and encouraging people, I got home a little late with our Guest Preacher. On our way, one radio station was interviewing someone about the relevance of Easter. The man argued that, there’s no “prove” of the death, […]

I wanted to vote for the elephant but mistakenly voted for the flower-Indian man chops off finger after voting for wrong party

An Indian voter says he chopped off his index finger after realising he had voted for the “wrong” political party. Pawan Kumar says he accidentally ended up voting for the governing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), in a video that has gone viral. He wanted to vote for a regional party – but was confused by […]

Going for a US Visa interview? Dress as you please, don’t stress yourself with suits-US Embassy officials

United States of America (USA) Embassy officials in Nigeria have told Nigerians who apply for United States Visas and go for interviews to wear whatever attire that will make them comfortable when they are coming for the interviews. According to them, dress code is not one of the requirements for obtaining a United States Visa. […]