Openly gay politician to contest for president in Tunisia-First in the Arab World

Lawyer Mounir Baatour officially announced his candidacy for the Tunisian presidency Thursday, becoming the first known openly gay presidential candidate in the Arab world and heralding a major step forward for LGBT rights in a country that still criminalizes gay sex. Baatour, the president of Tunisia’s Liberal Party, presented his candidacy to the country’s election […]

Lobi Youth Association congratulates president of Bounkani Region Hien Phillipe

The Lobi Youth Association has sent a congratulatory message to the president (the equivalent of a Regional Minister) of the Bounkani Region, Hien Phillipe who has been elevated to the position of Coordinator of all regional coordinators. Ivorian President, His Excellency President  Alassane Dramani Ouattara presented a plaque to Hien Philippe at a ceremony in […]