Liberty Breakfast: By Luke Barson (Rev)-Commitment: (Submission to Authority) Pt. 4

PHILIPPIANS 2:3-7 Christianity applauds many virtues in the Ghanaian socio-cultural heritage. Good character, boldness, courage, honesty, love, deep sense of care, hospitality and inter-personal relationships all get high marks. One thing that still remains a mirage is SUBMISSION. This attitude of regarding submissive people as “less graded people” with low value in society has permeated […]

Liberty Breakfast: By Luke Barson (Rev)-Commitment: (Submission to Authority) Pt. 3

PHILIPPIANS 2:3-7 Someone asked me a question last month about “servant leadership”. He wanted to know why people must submit to leaders who are supposed to be servants? But even before I address the question, let me state EMPHATICALLY that, “servanthood is not servitude”. Although the heart of leadership is servanthood. Mark 10:42-45 talks about […]

Liberty Breakfast: By Luke Barson (Rev)-Commitment: (Submission to Authority)

ACTS 20:18-38 The issue of “authority” is not just delicate or sensitive, but it’s also viewed with suspicion, controversy and cynicism. But authority, whether in the secular or among Christians, it remains critical. Believers who are not committed to authority CAN NOT submit to authority. If a believer can not relate to authority in the […]