Liberty Breakfast by Luke Barson (Rev)-Where Are The Miracles In The Church? Pt 3

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I have observed over the years that, there is a subtle attempt by believers themselves to doubt the supernatural power of God. Many people for fear of being victimized, attacked or intimidated refuse to testify about God’s working power and miracles in their lives.

The biggest silent killer of the church in recent times are not those of different faiths, but UNBELIEF among believers.

“And so he did only a few miracles there because of their unbelief”. Matthew 13:58

“Anything is possible if only you believe”. Mark 9:23

The world has succeeded in making believers doubt the power that resurrected Jesus from the dead, the power that was given to the believer to do exploits, including raising the dead, healing the sick, feeding the hungry and setting the oppressed free. It is understandable, if an unbeliever does not believe in miracles or the power of the word. But it is unforgivable for a believer to DOUBT the supernatural power of God. What then are you doing in the church? A community volunteer organisation? Unbelief has been the downfall of many, not just outside the church, but even within the church.

I don’t see how a man or woman of God should be subjected to ridicule, mockery, insults and called a fraudster because he prayed for someone to be healed, receive sight or even get pregnant after 15-20 years of marriage? Every believer has the potential to work miracles. As you have been reading God’s word every day, hiding the word as a treasure in your heart and meditating on the word throughout the day, faith has come, your faith has grown, and you are to release that faith for miracles in your life. Faith will always prompt you to do something. Faith is an action word. The problem many people find intriguing is that, they want to intellectualise miracles, philosophically analyse it and put academic mark on it. Miracles and prophesies have nothing to do with one’s academic achievements. If other religions don’t believe in signs, wonders and miracles, that’s what their religion teaches them. My religion also teaches me to believe in miracles. Why do you think I should doubt my God and believe in your inferior god?

“May He (God) give you the power to accomplish all the good things your faith prompts you to do”. 2 Thessalonians 1:11

Faith will prompt you to pray for the sick, write a kind note to a neighbour or take some form of action. The problem of this technological generation is that, anything that does not come from a celebrity or a politician, but a preacher must be demonized, criticised and tagged as fraud. A deliberate ploy to perpetually gag the church, brand the genuine and the charlatans together bastardise them, intimidate and put fear in them.

I won’t attack your beliefs, I won’t attack your drinking bars and your musical concerts. Because that’s what you believe. Don’t attack my God, my prayer life and my God who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly and above all that I can ever imagine or think. You can doubt and limit your “god”, but don’t ever doubt or limit my God.

To be cont..

Stay blessed always and remember to love someone and mean it.

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Rev. Prophet Luke Luki Barson is the Senior Pastor at Liberty House Christian Centre at Tema Community 25.

He has studied at the University of Ghana, the Methodist University College and the Christian Service University College.

He is currently a PhD student at the University of South Africa.




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