Your media noise won’t move us, development of DBI is our priority-Daffiama-Bussie-Issa NPP to NDC

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The ruling New Patriotic Party in the Daffiama-Bussie-Issa Constituency of the Upper West Region has bared its teeth at the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), accusing it of deliberately peddling falsehoods against the ruling party in the area.

At a press conference held in the constituency today, Saturday January 12 2019, the NPP constituency executives said the NDC and its Member of Parliament for the constituency, Dr. Sabastian Sandare having woefully failed to deliver the needed development to the area and fulfill promises they made during the 2016 elections have resorted to incessantly shifting the blame by peddling falsehoods pertaining the performance of government in the area, particularly the District Chief Executive for DBI.

A statement signed by Dabuo Abudu, Member, Regional Communications Team, Davoro Abdul Wahab, Constituency Secretary/Member Regional Communications team and Dassah Francis, constituency Communication Officer and read at the press conference stated in part ‘’ Ladies and gentlemen, the communication directorate has observed keenly, how of-late, the communication outfit of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Daffiama-Bussie-Issa Constituency, has developed the penchant of putting to the fore, erroneous, falsified, conjectured and misleading press statements. It is instructive to note that, the National Democratic Congress bizarre and reckless tendency of, constantly running to the media with frivolous and factually deficient press release, has been a notable feature, since 7th January, 2017, when the party went into opposition with gross shame’’.

See the full statement below.


The good people of Daffiama-Bussie-Issa Constituency, The Media Fraternity, Constituency Executives, Ladies and Gentlemen. The communication directorate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Daffiama-Bussie-Issa Constituency/District, on behalf of our hardworking Constituency Executives, ardently and sincerely welcome you and appreciate your presence here as well. We wish to seize this opportunity, to say a Happy and Prosperous New Year to all and sundry, particularly, the constituents of Daffiama-Bussie-Issa Constituency. May the year 2019, be a promising and fulfilling one.

Circumstances compelled us to convene this press conference at a very short period and consequently, the media fraternity was informed within a short and unfavorable period. However, you showed commitment and cooperation, by defying all odds to be present here for this needful encounter. The New Patriotic Party (NPP), has strongly resolved to work hand in hand with the media to achieve our mission as a government, this is because, we are of the conviction that, the media is a crucial partner in development.

Ladies and gentlemen, the communication directorate has observed keenly, how of-late, the communication outfit of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Daffiama-Bussie-Issa Constituency, has developed the penchant of putting to the fore, erroneous, falsified, conjectured and misleading press statements. It is instructive to note that, the National Democratic Congress bizarre and reckless tendency of, constantly running to the media with frivolous and factually deficient press release, has been a notable feature, since 7th January, 2017, when the party went into opposition with gross shame.

Apparently, the new communication strategy of the incompetent and corrupt NDC, right from their national, through to their regional and down to their constituency communication outfits, has been to constantly churn out glaring falsehood through the media. It is unfortunate that, the once vibrant and vocal opposition party, has now debased itself to a press conference opposition party, or better still, a pressure group.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let us zoom into the substance of the day. On 7th January 2019, the communication outfit of the NDC in Daffiama-Bussie-Issa constituency, held a press encounter titled “CONGRATULATIONS TO HON. SEBASTIAN                                                                                                                                                                   SANDAARE, MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT FOR DAFFIAMA-BUSSIE-ISSA CONSTITUENCY FOR HIS MAGICAL WORK IN JUST TWO YEARS IN PARLIAMENT.” In the said encounter, virtually all that was said, can least be described as, deceptive, erroneous and mediocrity. Indeed, we would have congratulated the Hon. MP, if he truly merited it. However, it will be inappropriate and unfair, to congratulate an MP, who seeks to delude and mislead his constituents through his party’s communication outfit.

Quite a number of issues were chronicled and christened as achievements in their deceptive and misleading press statement. They alleged that, the MP, Hon. Sebastian Sandaare, liaised with Ghana Health Service to get three (3) physician assistance into the district. This assertion, can only be described as outright falsehood. In 2016, under former President Mahama’s regime and Hon. Fidelis Zumakpeh’s administration, the physician assistants and other health workers, who were already working in the health centers, left the district. This was due to neglect by the NDC government. In April 2017, by virtue of the absence of physician assistants in the district, Ghana Health Service downgraded the health facilities. However, later in the year 2017, the Daffiama-Bussie-Issa District Assembly, under the able and effective leadership of the DCE, Hon. Imoro Nadi Sanda, worked tirelessly and ensured that, physician assistants including other health workers, returned to work in the district.

Laughably, the NDC again claimed that, Hon. Sandaare supported the bringing and comfortable stay of the only medical doctor and facilitated the financial clearance of the said medical doctor. To state unequivocally, the Hon. MP, is absolutely oblivious about how the medical doctor came into the district. Hon. Sandaare  is a medical doctor by profession. His party NDC, was in power for 8 years. So if Hon Sandaare, who is a medical doctor by profession and was also, the presiding member for DBI district, could not with the influence of his party, get the Daffiama-Bussie-Issa District a medical doctor, isn’t it intriguing and absurd, when same person, who became MP for just two years in opposition, claim his influence brought a medical doctor into the district. The secret behind DBI District getting a medical doctor after 8 years of bad NDC governance is that, the NPP government prioritize the health of all citizens, and as such, the vibrant DCE Hon. Sanda, with recourse to the District Health Directorate, took pragmatic and urgent steps, in ensuring that the young district had a professional medical doctor. As for the claim of facilitating the said doctor’s financial clearance, it is neither here nor there.

Ladies and Gentlemen, another questionable claim made by the NDC is that, the Hon. MP has drilled 12 boreholes across the constituency. We want to ask the Hon. MP, were these boreholes drilled in the sky or on land of the constituency? If they were drilled in the sky, we have no problem, but if they were drilled on land, then Hon. Sandaare should answer the following questions. (1) Which communities were these 12 boreholes drilled? (2) Which contractor drilled the boreholes? (3) How much was used to drill the boreholes? And (5) What is the source of funding these boreholes? It is only when these questions are appropriately and satisfactorily answered, that we will take the claim as serious, but as it stands now, it can only be considered as false.

Granted that, all that was enumerated in the press statement of NDC as achievements of Hon. Sandaree, are factual, he still does not merit to be congratulated. This is because, he has done nothing unique or exceptional. Hon. Sandaare will be congratulated, if he moves beyond being a common fund MP to a vibrant and lobbying MP. MP’s beyond their core responsibility of formulating laws, are also voted for, to use their influence to lobby for development from external developmental partners, and not to mediocrely rely solely on common fund, as in the case of the Hon. Sebastian Sandaare. Granted that, the so called achievements of Hon. Sandaare are real and tangible, he should rather bow his head in shame, instead of asking to be congratulated. The common fund being given to the Hon. MP, far outweigh his alleged drop in an ocean kind of achievements. The Hon. MP, should be thankful to the government of His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, for the constant and timely release of common fund, which he uses for his educational funds and other activities.

The Hon. MP, is noted for repeating this statement on many platforms. “I am not into politics to buy V8s and build houses.” The stewardship of Hon. Sandaare, can only be juxtaposed with two other former MPs, all from the NDC. Hon. Emmanuel Zumakpeh, was the first MP to represent the constituency. After 12 years in parliament, he retired with just a Nissan hard body pickup. Also, Hon. Mathias Puozaa who succeeded Hon. Zumakpeh, served for 12 years, he retired with a Nissan Patrol, a Nissan Navara pickup and a Nissan V8. Now, the Hon. Sandaare, just two years in parliament, has acquired for himself, a Toyota V8 and a Toyota Hilux pickup and is living in a splash mansion in Accra. Comparing the three, who is into politics to buy V8s and build houses? The trend in which Hon. Sandaare has started, we only hope, it isn’t going to be a one year one car show. If indeed Hon. Sandaare  believe in his mantra above, he should have used the money used to acquire the two brand new toyota cars, to enhance the welfare of his constituents, since he had a car before he became MP in 2017. Hon. Sandaare should stop pretending to be holier than the pope.

Ladies and gentlemen, the NDC in their empty press statement, ridiculously stated categorical that, while they can point to many so called achievements of the MP in 2 years, the NPP government cannot point to any in DBI District, even though in government. Contrarily, the NPP government since 7th January 2017, particularly, from May when the DCE, Hon. Imoro Nadi Sanda was overwhelmingly confirmed by assembly members, has executed monumental projects to enhance the welfare of constituents. The NDC and Hon. Sandaare should relax, while we lecture them on our achievements so far within the district.


Thomas Carlyle said, “Ill-health of body or mind is defeat. Health alone is victory. Let all men, if they can manage it, contrive to be healthy.” The Hon. DCE, being cognizant of the fact that, a healthy life is a healthy soul, has vigorously and passionately pursued the enhancement of the sector in the district, by the following projects.

For the first time in the history of DBI district, the NPP government and the Hon. DCE’s effort, has gotten the district a professional medical doctor.

Ghc177,000 or (cedis 1.77 billion) medical laboratory, which was started by the Hon. DCE in 2017, has been completed and handed over to Issa health center.

Construction of male and female medical ward at Issa health center.

Construction of district doctors bungalow which is 95% complete.

Construction of operations theatre at Issa health center.

Procurement of five 5 new motor bikes for the District Health Directorate to enhance monitoring and operations.

Construction of a CHIP compound at Pulbaa at a cost of Ghc210,373.26.

Completion of a CHIP compound at Kamahegu

Provision of adequate anti snake bite vaccines at Bussie, Issa, Fian, Kojopkeri, and Daffiama health centers.

Sponsoring the education of 3 physician assistance and 1 medical doctor from the district. Who after completing their respective programs, will return to work in the district.

Within two years, this and many more, are the projects the competent NPP government and the Hon. DCE, have and is pursuing to place the district heath sector at a right footing, to be able to provide accessible, affordable and quality health care to the people of DBI district.


Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  And also, Benjamin Franklin said, “An investment in education pays the best interest.”  The benefits of education to every society is unquantifiable and immeasurable. To this end, the NPP government has demonstrated enough commitment to invest hugely in education. The result oriented DCE, who shares the vision of NPP government, has immensely supported education within the district. These are the interventions by the DCE in education.

500 dual desk have been handed over to DBI District Education Directorate for distribution within the district.

20 teacher tables and chairs have been handed over to the District Education Directorate.

5 brand new motor bikes have been handed over to the District Education Directorate to help intensify monitoring within the district.

Organizing mock exams for final year BECE candidates, to ready them for WAEC exams.

3 unit classroom block with auxiliary facilities has been constructed and handed over to Kenkelen community.

3 unit classroom block has been constructed and handed over to Balienia community.

Supporting district sport activities with Ghc 5,000, since all work and no play, makes jack a dull guy.

Effective organization of my first day in school program in all basic schools across the district.

Supporting quite a number of brilliant but needy students.

Financially and logistically supporting activities of student unions across the district.

Supporting District Education Directorate in spam, culture and 6th March celebrations.

This enviable investment in education by the Hon. DCE within 2 years, is what has changed the sad story of, 32% BECE pass rate from 2013 to 2016 under NDC, to  42% and 47% in 2017 and 2018 respectively under NPP.


Food is a critical and basic need which one cannot do without. About 85% of people in DBI district are employed by the sector. And as such, much importance should be place in agriculture. Interventions in agriculture by the NPP government and the Hon. DCE are as follows.

Establishment of over 50,000 seedlings cashew nursery at Bussie, to support farmers with seedlings to be able to meet the district target of cultivating 10,000 acres of cashew plants, under the government flagship policy of Planting for Jobs and Export.

Under government flagship policy of one village one dam, 10 communities have been earmarked to benefit in the first phase of the policy. Chabaa , Tabiasi, Kojokperi, Kamahegu, Challa, Duang, Dafiama-Dankyele, Moyiri and Issa are the 10 beneficiary communities. Daffiama-Dankyele and Moyiri construction sites have been handed over to constructors, and construction, has effectively started in Jollinyiri, Kojokperi and Challa

DBI District has gotten its fair share of the one district one warehouse policy of government. A 1000 metric tonne capacity warehouse with auxiliary facilities, is being constructed in Bussie. It is about 90% complete. Completion of this project, will address the challenge of post harvest loses and food security will also be guaranteed in the district.

Under the planting for food and jobs policy, about 4,100 farmers were registered. These farmers were supported with fertilizers, improved seedlings and extension services.

In collaboration with GIZ and MOFA, the Daffiama-Dakyie irrigation facility will be expanded anytime soon.


The Hon. DCE, Imoro Nadi Sanda, fortunately for the people of DBI District, is a competent and renowned professional road engineer. Undoubtedly, his competence as a road engineer has been brought to bear. He has within a very short period, constructed, reshaped and tarred some roads.

Wogu-Issa road has been reshaped, compacted, and within this week, tarring will commence.

Kpare-Baayiri-Guonuo-Gimpensi road has been awarded on contract and work has commenced.

The steel bridge betwwen Baayiri and Gimpensi has been completed and opened to traffic.

Fian-Wogu road has been reshaped.

Wogupong-Wogulegri road has been reshaped.

Fian-Buoyiri road has been reshaped.

Kojokperi-Challa-Kpare road has been reshaped.

Issa-Kojokperi-Jolinyiri road has been reshaped

Bussie-Kamahegu road will soon been reshaped.

Daffiama-kunzokala road has been reshaped.

Fian-Wogu culvert has been temporarily worked on.

16.05km Fian-Bussie-Balienia road has been tarred.

Procured and handed over 2 new motor bikes to Ghana Police Service in the district to beef up patrol.

Installation of security bulbs in some communities.

The reshaping of these roads, has to a large extent, reduce the discomfort that commuters and motorist face when travelling through these roads. It has also reduced accidents, improved movement/transportation and development in diverse ways. This year, most of the roads will be reshaped again and tarred.


As they say, cleanliness is next to Godliness, and water is live. The NPP government and the able DCE, has done and is doing a lot to improve this sector.

Under the sustainable rural water project by CWSA and world bank, the instrumentality of the Hon. DCE, has ensured that, our young district is part of the five districts in the Upper West Region to benefit from this initiative. 30 boreholes will soon be drilled across the DBI district and two small town water systems to be located at Issa and Bussie.

Implementation of six (6) solar powered limited mechanized water systems in Kpare, Tuori, Kojokperi, Wogu, Owlo and Tabiasi.

Construction of six (6) institutional latrines at, Dffiama Senior High school, Fian market, Bussie market, Kojokperi market and Tabiasi market.

The above interventions and a couple of others, have triggered an increase in our district position within the region, in the Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) regional ranking. From 11th or last position during the NDC regime, to an unprecedented and commendable 3rd position in less than two years.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Daffiama-Bussie-Isaa District is not an exception, with respect to beneficiary of the competent NPP government flagship policies. The unprecedented 42% and 47% of BECE candidates from the district, who passed in 2017 and 2018 respectively under the able leadership of Hon. Sanda, did not pay a pesewa before entering their respective Senior High Schools, thanks to free SHS. Also, 161 graduates including notable NDC members, whom for 8 years under the insensitive governance of NDC, were unemployed, have gained employment in NABCO. A host of students from the district, who are currently in Colleges of Education and Nursing Training Colleges, have been receiving Ghc400 every month as allowance. This has reduced the financial burden of their parents, who are mostly farmers. A number of graduates, largely NDC members from the district, have been recruited into GES and forestry commission.

Ladies and Gentlemen, from the above catalogued projects which have, and are being implemented by the competent NPP government and the Hon. DCE, Imoro Nadi Sanda. We expect the NDC and the Hon. MP, Sebastian Sandaare, to apologize to the good people of DBI district/constituency, for telling a blatant lie that, the NPP government for two years, has done nothing within the district, when indeed, the facts and evidence points to the contrary. The frequent release of empty and misleading press statements by the NDC in DBI district, is obviously by virtue of the unexpected and unimaginable achievements of the NPP government and the Hon. DCE which has dazed them. The NDC should be mindful that, no amount of dust thrown into the eyes of the people of DBI district, will prevent them from contributing to another massive victory that awaits the NPP in 2020 and also, wining the parliamentary seat for the first time, since the inception of the fourth republic.

Ladies and Gentlemen, in conclusion, we wish to entreat the people of Daffiama-Bussie-Issa district/constituency to keep fate with the NPP government. 2019, is a year of massive development. Much was than in 2017 and 2018, and more is yet to come this year.

Thank You.

Long live DBI District.

Long live Upper West Region.

Long live Ghana.


Dabuo Abudu


Member, Regional Communication Team

Davoro Abdul Wahab


Constituency Secretary/Member REG. COMM. TEAM

Dassah Francis


Communication Officer


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