Prophet Luke Luki Barson ordained and inducted amid testimonies of his aptness and precision in prophesies

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It was a very charged atmosphere at the liberty hall of the Liberty House Christian Centre at Tema Community 22, as the senior pastor of the church, Prophet Luke Luki Barson was ordained into the office of a prophet and a reverend Minister in the republic of Ghana and inducted as the senior pastor of Liberty House Christian Centre, today, Sunday, November 11, 2018.

The atmosphere remained charged throughout the ceremony which saw several heavyweights in the charismatic movement in the country attending and eulogizing Prophet Rev. Luke Luki Barson for his achievements in the Ministry and particularly for his gift of prophesy.

Leading the officiation of the ordination and induction ceremony was the General Overseer of Revival Life Outreach Church, Bishop Ekow Eshun who was assisted by his wife and Rev. Eben Kwaku Dadson as well as the entire presbytery of the church.

In his sermon, Bishop Ekow Eshun described Prophet Rev. Luke Barson as a man of noble, strong and upright character who has been sent by God to proffer solutions to the church.

‘’You cannot take your man of God for granted. You cannot be that ignorant to underestimate and to devalue the worth of your man of God, because God called him to you because of your sorrows, because of your challenges, this is what leadership is all  about’’ he said.

Bishop Ekow Eshun continued ‘’ if leaders cannot make you better, leave them. Some leaders come into our lives and they leave us worse. God is always looking for men he can prepare as the package of answers for people who are crying and are in sorrow. Leaders therefore are a package of answers and solutions for us. When I saw some of you I was very happy because thank God he sent this man (Prophet Rev. Luke Barson) to cross your path. There are some of you whose businesses have changed, whose lives have been transformed, who have no natural father, natural mother thank God for his kindness, took you to school and all that. God will always send you a man and the man he sends is a package of solutions and answers’’.

He admonished the congregation to revere, submit to, and respect Prophet Rev. Luke Barson and to endeavor to honour him in order to aid him pasture them effectively and efficiently at all times.

Rev. Eben Kwaku Dadson who is Prophet Rev. Luke Barson’s spiritual and biological father told the congregation due diligence had been conducted by the presbytery of the church on the background the to satisfy themselves that indeed Prophet Rev. Luke Barson merited the ordination and the induction.

He said they looked at his lifestyle, marriage, and ministry life as demanded by the scriptures and their church organization and the republic of Ghana saying ‘’I conducted this exercise from the background of his family history, history of his church identity, professional life, his presence in the local church and the testimony of my fellow presbyters and having taken him through all the core principles of our doctrines, beliefs, our culture and systems, I find him morally fit, socially fit, and above all spiritually fit for the status of a Reverend Minister and to the call of prophet, ministry and responsibility also as a senior pastor of Liberty House Christian Centre’’.

Reverend Joseph Owusu of the Somanya branch of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), a close friend of Prophet Rev. Luke Barson testified about the man of God’s prophetic prowess and went ahead to give some examples of prophesies he gave him that came to pass, adding that each time prophet Barson visited their church in Somanya, the entire church was always jammed and electrified saying ‘’that was how come we were able to raise money to build our chapel very fast’’

‘’He is a prophet whose prophesies are very accurate. He doesn’t say I think, he says I saw and God said. He is a good man and he is not money conscious. He likes righteousness, holiness, he doesn’t compromise and it will be difficult for you to influence him with money’’ he added.



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