Liberty Breakfast by Luke Barson (Rev)-Where Are The Miracles In The Church? Pt 2

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MARK 16:17-18

Any good Bible student will tell you that, acts of miracles, signs and wonders demonstrated by God through His servants, are acts that proclaim His sovereign power over creation as well as His commitment to the good of His people.

The significance of miracles in the church cannot be over emphasised; because they serve a larger purpose of God’s redemptive plan, testifying to the authenticity of God’s messengers (Prophets, teachers, pastors or even ordinary church members like Philip and Stephen) who bring God’s revelation to humanity.

When miracles occur, they give credence and evidence, that God is truly at work and enhances the advancement of the Gospel. In short, miracles authenticate God’s message and his messengers. You cannot as a matter of principle accept the message, the messenger and reject what authenticates it (miracles).

Miracles lead not simply to cognitive belief, but to worship, to awe and wonder. Jesus’ miracles were never magic, even though the Pharisees of his days sought to portray it, like we have them today. He did not seek to impress and coerce, as some of our armed chair journalists and “theologians” want Ghanaians and the world to believe. Jesus used miraculous power to heal the sick, feed the hungry and raise the dead.

“Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these…” (John:14:12)

I don’t know the motivation of those preachers and the half-baked Christians who choose to give lectures from the Bible claiming to be preaching. The very fact that, a preacher stands on the pulpit to declare the word of God, means the person must be clothed with power from above, else he is giving a classroom lecture.

Paul said “I did not come to you with the enticing words of men, but with the demonstration and power of the Holy Spirit”(1Corinthians 2:4)

Most churches have been turned into entertainment centres, with little or no prayer. My heart bleeds when fetish priests, magicians and diviners challenge God’s elect, preachers and prophets to contest on TV and radio to see who is the greatest? A simple word from God should dismantle their fake god. I look forward to the day a fetish priest will sit on radio and invite Dr Precision 1 (The name given to me by my congregants). They have the guts, effrontery, and flagrant boldness to challenge the supernatural power of God. I was bold enough to burn all our family gods, destroyed charms and amulets belonging to some of my uncles, brothers and even my father, though he was a king. The church is breeding a bunch of lazy, fearful and faithless believers who only go to church to show off their new dresses but cannot even command a lizard or cockroach to leave the walls of their house.

Dear reader, if you are in any church and the pastor keeps condemning miracles, bastardising signs and wonders, ask that preacher by what authority does he preach? I have come to realise that, most people tend to condemn, criticise or brand a miracle or prophecy as fake if it is not coming from them. …

To be cont..

Stay blessed always and remember to love someone and mean it.

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Rev. Prophet Luke Luki Barson is the Senior Pastor at Liberty House Christian Centre at Tema Community 25.

He has studied at the University of Ghana, the Methodist University College and the Christian Service University College.

He is currently a PhD student at the University of South Africa.




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