Akosua Konadu Yiadom writes: 18+ amazing health benefits of Asaana & Bisap juice

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Akosua Konadu Yiadom writes: 18+ amazing health benefits of Asaana & Bisap juice

Did you know that, bisap juice can give you that Botox results? Did you know that, it’s a beauty plant?

Asaana is made from corn and it’s called Caramelized corn juice or drink (juice + syrup, which basically is sugar solution) in English.


It is called Alewonyo in the Ashanti Region of Ghana (Kumasi to be precise).

Below are the benefits one derives from enjoying this indigenous juice;
0. It aids the prevention of heart conditions.


  1. It lowers blood pressure and neural-tube defects at birth.
  2. It guards against constipation, hemorrhoids and colorectal cancer.
  3. Its antioxidant agents aids in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.
  4. It prevents anemia.
  5. It lowers LDL cholesterol levels (bad cholesterol).

Bisap juice or sobolo is one indigenous juice or drink loved by most Ghanaians.
It is called hibiscus tea elsewhere and below are some incredible reasons for us to keep enjoying this juice;

  1. It lowers LDL cholesterol levels.
  2. It prevents the growing of precancerous cells.
  3. It decreases the risk of heart diseases.
  4. It reduces anxiety and depression.
  5. It helps in weight loss.
  6. It prevents common cold and flu.
  7. It decreases blood pressure.
  8. It serves us with anti-aging benefits and used in anti-aging treatment and tea preparation.
  9. Protects the liver from damage – this was proven positive in a research done elsewhere using rats. A further research can be done using a study group (humans).
  10. Helps ease menstrual cramps.
  11. It is good for the management of weight.
  12. It prevents oxidative stress also.

EXTRA CRITICAL POINTS – Do you know that, the benefits of this juice or plant is as good as getting a botox?
Why? It’s because, it contains the antioxidant ANTHOCYANIN which fights premature aging, fights free radicals and contains alpha hydroxy acids(AHAs) that helps with skin exfoliation.
It also contains MUCILAGE which is a great natural moisturizer.

It’s also good for hair growth because, it is rich in vitamin C that boosts COLLAGEN; the amino acid chain for hair strength, production and its growth.

We are blessed as a continent and do have everything for food and nutrition. I will humbly request that further research is carried out to support these points.

Imagine we having the assurance that, we are getting all of these benefits in a calabash of each juice or drink and that, with 10-20 cedis or less, we can prepare and enjoy these amazing juice whiles supporting our overall health and physical wellbeing as individuals and families.

Cheers to Bisap/Sobolo and Asaana/Alewonyo.

For further enquiries, you can get in touch on;

IG: nutritionistakosua_gh
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The writer,  A. Aphyra Akosua Konadu Yiadom is a Registered Nutritionist
Nutrition Advocate, Public health practitioner.


Source: Aphyra Akosua Konadu Yiadom

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