COVID-19: Ghana has an advantage; leverage on that to build the Economy-Prof. Kofi Anokye

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The Chief Executive Officer of Koans Estates, Professor Kofi Anokye says government must leverage on the advantages the country has, over the COVID-19 Virus and devise ways and means of making the most out of the Pandemic for the benefit of the generality of the Ghanaian people.

In an article he authored titled ‘COVID 19 PANDEMIC, DEAD ON ARRIVAL IN GHANA; GOVERNMENT MUST TAKE ADVANTAGE TO BUILD THE ECONOMY !!!’, Professor Anokye chronicled diseases such as Malaria and Cerebrospinal Meningitis (CSM) as more dangerous diseases that are killing many, faster than COVID-19.

In his estimation, the immune system of the ordinary Ghanaian has proven to be resistant, over time and is able to withstand far more dangerous viruses than what the world is currently grappling with. reports Prof. Anokye as positing that government must take advantage of the country’s resistance to such viruses and market her to the international business and investment community.

Again, he is pushing for government lift the partial lockdown imposed on some parts of the country to enable those who are most impacted by it, particularly the poor and vulnerable, to go about their business of fending for themselves and their families, arguing that hunger and poverty are worse than COVID-19.

Professor Anokye’s article which is in the possession of reads in part ‘’ I still foresee a resurgence if care is not taken anytime there is winter within the temperate zones especially and hence it will make business sense for investors to start looking for places with high resistance to this Virus and this is where we fit in perfectly because over there we stand advantage. Let us start thinking outside the box for once please and not to follow the crowd. Just end the lockdown soon!!’’

He added that ‘‘Let’s lead the way by developing and promoting some of our local medicines for export to the most affected countries. We can only that do that if we don’t pretend that we dying here from the disease when indeed we are not for reasons I cannot tell.’’

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