Church members accommodate, transport and feed you, yet they go hungry, don’t exploit them-Dr. Opuni Frimpong

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Immediate past General Secretary of the Christian Council of Ghana, Rev. Dr. Kwabena Opuni Frimpong has called for a stop to the exploitation of Christians in the country by so-called men on of God.

According to him, the daily and incessant craze to extort and fleece monies off the church members through the sale of anointing oils, holy water, handkerchiefs and toffees among others, have become the bane of the Christian in the country today, adding that the trend must change.

‘’We must all be wary of the fact that the people in the country are the same people in the church and anything that goes wrong in the country, automatically affects them too. May be for us the pastors, the church members will build houses for us to live in, they will buy a car for you to drive and pay you but that person is going home to sleep in hunger.’’ he pointed out.

Dr. Opuni Frimpong also bemoans the long hours and the numerous days of the week that pastors keep people who are supposed to be working and fending for themselves and their families in the church, explaining that ‘’even though prayer is the key, we must balance it with hard work and God helps those who help themselves.’’

He said it is the responsibility of the church to inculcate in church members, habits such as savings, being punctual to work and fleeing from corruption, adding that any pastor or man of God who takes time to pray for the congregants without teaching them such virtues is not a proper man of God.

‘’Ghanaians must be disciplined, especially those who are managing our public purse, those who are managing our economy. A teacher who is supposed to go to school and teach must do so, a nurse who is supposed to go and take care of patients in the hospital must do so on time and must resist the temptation of reneging on his or her duty while at post, in favour of playing on social media.’’ He added.



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