Read the story of the large-hearted suya seller who is far more than the bishops, pastors and politicians put together

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Write-up by: Pastor Faithful Ohiani

Umar has been my SUYA dude for a while now. The other day, I saw a guy selling alongside Umar, and he introduced him to me as his new STAFF. Just last night, I went to get some SUYA for my wife, Ehi, and my children. While still some distance away, I noticed something new. Just beside Umar’s SUYA joint, is a new SUYA joint. The new joint looks more organised and well patronized. Selling at the new joint is Ibrahim, the guy Umar introduced to me three months ago as his new boy. After greetings, I congratulated Umar for expanding his BUSINESS by opening a new joint. He laughed and said “Oga, that one na my boy own. I give am the space last week make he start his own BUSINESS”. Out of concern and curiosity, I asked if he is not concerned he is now sharing his CUSTOMERS with Ibrahim. Umar replied and said “Oga, I no dey worry at all at all. If I dey worry, I for no give am the space.  Oga, the CUSTOMERS wey Allah say na my own go buy from me. And the one wey Allah say na Ibrahim own, go buy from am. Allah go bless my own, bless his own, we go grow together”.

Driving home, I began to PONDER and WONDER at the number of Pastors, general overseers, presidents and founders, who are not in talking terms, can’t see eyeball to eyeball, hate to hear each other’s names mentioned and avoid each other at all cost. All because at some point, someone said God was asking them to branch out and start their own WORK; like Ibrahim started his Suya joint.

Instead of embracing each other, accepting the new ASSIGNMENT, giving each other the needed spiritual and physical SUPPORT, we criminalize and demonise each other, and fall apart as though God is not the owner of both WORKS.

We even directly and indirectly cajoled some of your gullible and ‘YES’ members into joining us in hating on, and giving the other pastor an ungodly label.

Sadly, members of both Churches whose aim is to GO to HEAVEN, can’t GO for each other’s meetings while on EARTH. The Pastor of the new Church suddenly submits to a new PAPA & MAMA somewhere, as against the man that spiritually fed him for years.

Isn’t the PULPIT confusing the PEW, when the man behind one PULPIT does not want to see the man behind another PULPIT?

We need to UP our game by practising what we PREACH.

If a suya seller could demostrate such a large HEART, we cannot continue manning Godly PULPITS with small HEARTS. Perhaps we have to humble ourselves and invite Umar to come TEACH us at the next minister’s conference.  I am sure Ibrahim will also be of tremendous BLESSING during the breakout session.





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