Racist Catholic Church statue: I am prepared to spend my own money to pull it down or craft a new one-Anti racist campaigner

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An anti-racist campaigner, Zudana Azudaa has offered to use his own money to pull down the controversial racist statue erected by the Catholic Church at Tepa in the Ashanti Region.

He is also willing to pay the one who designed the statue and built it, to mold a new one that will be acceptable to the generality of the masses.

‘’If the Leadership of the Catholic Church believe that colour does not matter in the business of religion, then they should give me the opportunity and I will spend my own money to change the colour of the entire statue. The one beneath will be painted white and the one standing, painted black. I am prepared to spend my own money for the same person who designed the statue to design a new one’’ he said in a statement supporting calls for the pulling down of the said statue which has attracted widespread condemnation from sections of the public.

The statue which has been condemned by sections of the public and described as racist depicts a White angel with a sword in hand, subduing a dark-skinned devil lying under its feet.

Mr. Zudana said ‘’ we are waging a social media campaign to put pressure on the leadership of the Catholic Church, where I fellowship to pull down this racial statue at Tepa in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. In V. B. Aakye’s poem entitled “The Colour of God”, God is all colours. So an angel can be depicted to be black. Ghana was the first country to gain independence in sub-Sahara Africa.Its therefore a betrayal to have same white man that our fore father’s drove away from this land now stepping on the black man as a sign of ‘good over evil’. As black people we should not be the ones teaching our children that the God we worship is a white God. How can we do this and expect the white supremacy to end in Africa?”

He added that ‘’this picture of a white angel stepping on a black angel is traditionally associated with the Catholic church. The biblical significance of it is something that as a Catholic, I don’t know. Just looking at the picture, one will need no explanation to understand its meaning. The picture speaks volumes! This is racial abuse’’.

Source: BestNewsGH.com


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