Opinion: Some sexual secrets of Side chicks that married women must take note of

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Lots of women are losing their husbands to strange women out there and most women are yet to know what these men really see in these women that make them to get glued to them despite the fact that they know that these women are more expensive and most are full of sexually transmitted diseases.

Wives need to know the sexual secrets of these faceless women, sorry they are better than you in bed, you need to step up to match up with them and beat them in their dirty games.

  1. They Understand The Sexual Weakness Of Men:

They understand that one of the weaknesses of most men is sex and they make good use of this. Wives are careless about this, instead of using sex to create intimacy with their husbands; they use it to create animosity, anger and bitterness between them and their husbands.

What to Do:

Use sex as a tool of love to create intimacy in your marriage, don’t use sex to destroy your marriage, use it to build it.

  1. They Kiss Like Mad:

In a report, most married men reported that their wives hate kissing; they said it is difficult to get a decent kiss from their wives. Strange women are experts in this area they use kissing as a weapon.


Don’t turn kissing to wresting in your marriage, stop being local. Kiss your husband even when he is not expecting it.

  1. They Use Killer Underwear:

A man said he hates to see his wife in panties because according to him, she always looks like a wrestler. Lots of wives are like this, they are fond of wearing pants whose colors are different from their bras, looking like a rainbow, with dirty pants, outdated underwear, bra that looks like tarpaulin, wearing of boxers that is meant for men, wearing of knickers and tying of wrapper to bed. Strange women are creative in this regard they are fond of using neat, sexy panties and bra.

Source: BestNewsGH.com

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Kennedy Mornah is an Award Winning Ghanaian Journalist with over two decades of experience in the Ghanaian Media landscape spanning the electronic, print and digital media. He is a Media Consultant, a Corporate MC, Radio and TV Host, Founder and Publisher of the Maritime and Transport Digest Newspaper, Businessman, a Go getter and an optimist. He has worked for renowned media organizations including Diamond Fm in Tamale, Luv Fm in Kumasi, Oman Fm in Accra and Starr Fm in Accra In 2017 he received the Reporter of the Year Award at the Ghana Shippers Awards in Accra, Ghana.

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