Medical and Dental Council chasing away qualified medical doctors-Medical Doctor turned taxi driver

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Dr. Richard Seidu Abdul Rahaman a medical doctor who has taken to driving a taxi to earn a living has revealed that the Ghana Medical and Dental Council has been at the forefront of promoting brain drain the in country, with their incessant refusal to certificate and license qualified doctors to practice and operate in the country.

According to him, the council has frustrated several qualified medical doctors and succeeded in chasing them into the waiting arms of governments of other countries abroad.

He has vowed to fight the council with the last drop of his blood to ensure that they license him to operate as a neurosurgeon in the country.

According to him, the council has refused to grant him the license and certification to operate with the excuse that he is not a qualified neurosurgeon.

“I will not go through the backdoor at what the call protocol when I have legitimate documents that allows me to practice medicine in this country” he averred.

Speaking on an Accra based radio station and monitored by, the aggrieved Dr. Seidu Abdul Rahaman said he was a fully qualified neurosurgeon who trained in China and also has 40 publications to his credit, adding that he has practiced as a neurosurgeon in China over a period after his completion of the course and sees no reason to why the Medical and Dental Council will frustrate him to the extent that he has to resort to driving a taxi to survive.

According to him he now posses higher and refined skills in neurosurgery and has been accepted and acclaimed as a neurosurgeon the world over.

Dr. Abdul Rahaman who has his medical training at the University for Development Studies in Tamale said he did has horsemanship at the Volta Regional Hospital before accusing a scholarship to study neurosurgery at the Yangzhi University in China.

He accused the Medical and Dental Council of deliberately frustrating him, adding that he will fight them to the end to ensure that they do the right thing.

“They feel that I am afraid. So many people are afraid and they have run away. So many great doctors that could have helped this nation. I am not afraid. I will stand in my feet and I will fight them to the end” he said.

He continued “I have as many as 40 publications on neurosurgery to my credit. 40 of them and these are operations that I conducted myself and wrote about and these publications were peer reviewed by World renowned neurosurgeons before I published them. They reviewed the operations and cases before the publications”.


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