Make the law work like a HOT Stove – COP Kofi Boakye charges at Bar Conference

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Lawyer cum Security capo, Commissioner of Police (COP) Nathan Kofi Boakye has observed that the nexus between the Rule of Law and maintaining sound security in Ghana is to allow the Law to burn fairly and equally as a hot stove. It burns in the same measure and is respecter of no person.

‘’I use the stove analogy because it doesn’t discriminate. If it is hot and someone touches it, it burns the person. If  a second person touches it, it will burn the fellow in equal measure. If you’re a leader and when your subordinates go wrong you give them the same spanking, they will appreciate the fact that you’re impartial. But if you spank one like your girlfriend and spank the other like an armed robber, they will rebel one day’’ he said.

He continued that’’For instance when I was in the Ashanti Region, we said ok, no car with DV trial plate is moving from 6pm to 6am and my mother was caught. So I said, ok you go to court and I will pay. Again when I was striking force commander, we went to Osu and arrested a lot of people. The then Minister for Interior called me and said Kofi, do you know something, 3 of the boys you arrested are our people. I said what people? He oh our people and sometimes they can be so overbearing and you know what I did? I went to the cells and opened the gate and said everybody come out. Fairness in the application of law is the best way to achieve national security’’

COP Kofi Boakye was addressing the 2019 annual BAR Conference which brought lawyers (judges inclusive) from all over the country at Takoradi, the Western Regional of Ghana.

Commander 1 as most admirers prefer to call him, spoke mostly extemporaneous displaying a depth of appreciation of the Law and Ghana’s security architecture.

It is believed that he is one of the finest and professionally competent senior officers fit for the job of IGP when the present Acting IGP who is on a one year contract after attaining the mandatory retirement age of 60 last year eventually exits in October this year.

COP Nathan Kofi Boakye has over the years demonstrated the desire and readiness to transform the Police Service into the law enforcement agency it is supposed to be albeit with a human face.

His loyalty to the State and by extension to any government as the wielders of State Power cannot be questioned. He operates the open door policy which is abhorred only by those who have issues to hide and thus thrive on gossip and rumour trade.



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