Cheat and compensate your woman BUT never allow her to do same – Maurice Ampaw

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It is justified for men to cheat if they make room for confessions, apologies and compensation but it is absolutely abominable for a woman under any circumstance to cheat and expect the relationship to continue, Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has said.

Lawyer Ampaw who is noted for his controversial stances whilst speaking on GH One TV’s ‘Tales from the powder room’ argued that even the customary laws of Ghana allow for men to be given a second chance to compensate their wives if they per chance impregnate another woman out of wedlock.

A ‘mistake’ is how he terms cheating on the part of men but says it’s a ‘deliberate attempt’ on the woman’s side if ever any decide to cheat on their wives. Reason he says is that men ‘cheat for no reason’ but women always ‘have a cause’.

“When a man cheats, society has given us a second chance. Under the customary law, when your husband cheats on you and has a baby, the procedure is you compensate the woman. If you don’t have a baby, you can still go to your wife, confess and compensate her”.

“If he never confesses and you find out, you can walk out and who suffers? I’m not saying it is okay to cheat, there are consequences, spiritually you’ll be punished, physically you’ll suffer. All of us going out with girls, do you know what we go through? The girls give us broken heart, that girl will never love you, we cheat because it is a disease, and we need prayers. Men cheat without any reason but with the women, it takes a cause, that is why it is dangerous for a woman to cheat. Never say it is a mistake when a woman goes to cheat. Every woman who cheats, it is a deliberate attempt”, he said.

Men ‘need to bottle their wives’ he further noted.

“I will never allow my wife to go out to a party and dance with another man but I can dance with another woman with permission. If she asks for permission, I will refuse and if I ask her and she says no, that’s it. Every man must refuse, what if she goes and the music playing is romantic?”, he added.




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