8 types of sex you must never practice in your marriage

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Sex is lawful in marriage, it’s one of the rights of married couples in the family. But I need to let you know that, there are some forms of sex you must never have in your family.


This is the kind of sex that happens between a couple who always struggle to sleep together. They fight often, fight about sex and it has turned to a bone of contention in their marriage instead of being a tool of intimacy and love.


This is a sexless marriage. Couples in it hardly make love because bitterness in marriage has taken over to the level of war. So, they hardly sleep together.


I met a couple recently, who have not been in talking terms for months but they still sleep together regularly because they need children. They will just sleep together inside darkness, roll to the other side and sleep off but continue their fight the next day, this is a necessity Sex.


This is the kind of sex where couple sleep together without love or affection, they do it without any affection or desire. They only have sex as a responsibility in marriage or to give peace a chance. This is very common among wives.


This is when couples sleep together only when they need sex. They believe sex is not for love or pleasure ,it should only happen when a baby is needed, this is very wrong. Sex should bring couples together and should be done regularly and joyfully.


This is also known as “No Action sex”. This involves husband and wife sleeping together but cold or when a “Fridge” action is displayed by the wife. That is, she is never involved; only lie down like a log of wood. It’s a bad example of sex in Marriage .Wives should be involved when their husbands sleep with them.


This involves “trade by barter” “Money for hands, back for ground”. In this kind of sex, the woman is fond of giving conditions before she will allow her husband to sleep with her, this is terrible.


This involves picking a day in the week or Month when sex can only take place. Some women are fond of telling their husbands the day in the week or month they will be ready for sex. This is also wrong in Marriage.

Sex should be spontaneous, it can happen any day and any time behind the four walls, that is how sex in Marriage should be.

Are you in anyway starving each other, mind you, there are issues that are better not experimented at all if not you have lost.

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