*Over 100 year old dump site cleared in Duayaw Nkwantah

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Residents of Abase in the Duayaw Nkwantah Municipality of the Ahafo Region have expressed joy at the clearing of an over 100 year old refuse dump site in the community.

Several residents who spoke to the media say they have been struggling with the stench and other related issues emanating from the refuse dump which pre-dates most of them.

73 year old Cynthia Forkuoh whose house is just by the refuse dump said, “as a child we used to dump refuse here and as parents our children have continued to do same till this day. You see my son there he is over 40 years and the dump was the play ground for them when they were growing up…..

So we are very happy government is doing this for us. We can now be free from the malaria and other diseases that has been worrying us here”.

Another resident told the media that the dump site has been there before she was born. According to her as a child she dumped refuse there and now her children are also doing so.

” This site is older than me and even my parents. We are happy finally they are clearing this. We can now sleep without worries…

We thank the government for this gesture”, she stressed.

The clearing of such aged dump sites is an initiative of the Sanitation and Water Resources Ministry to advance the government’s quest to make the country clean.

It is under what has been dubbed the Emergency National Refuse Evacuation exercise which is a nationwide exercise.

*Dustbins to replace aged dumping site*

Supervising the exercise, Municipal Chief Executive for Tano North Ernest Kwarteng expressed joy at the clearing of the dump site and reiterated government’s commitment to ensuring that the country is clean.

He disclosed that the intervention will ease the financial burden on the assembly which is unable to carry out such huge projects due to cost implications.

He said, “for now as an assembly we cannot do this because of the cost involved so this will help us so much….

We will ensure that two containers are kept at all the cleared sites so that we can empty them as and when they are full”.



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