NPP to lose Kintampo North, Nkoranza South, Karaga, Tolon  and several other seats in 2020 if MP’s do not sit up-group warns

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Pro-New Patriotic Party (NPP) group, Action Patriots for Justice is warning that the NPP risk losing several seats in parliament, particularly in the Brong Ahafo and Northern regions if the current Members of Parliament for these constituencies do not sit up and improve their relationship with the party’s grassroots supporters.

They list Techiman South, and North, Kintampo North, Nkoranza South and North,  Atebubu-Amanten, Berekum east and west, Tano south, Gushegu, Karaga, and Tolon constituencies as some of the many seats that are likely to slip through the grasp of the Party.

They cite disrespect for the party grassroots from the incumbent Members of Parliament, their poor human relations and their inability to answer phone calls as some of the reasons for their belief that the party may fall in several constituencies in the 2020 elections.

Take a look at the unedited statement of the group below.



“It is better to be a messenger in a party in power, than to be a general secretary in a party in opposition”

These words of former president Kuffour should be a guideline to all party executives whose interest is to serve and satisfy themselves by all means possible even if, that will jeopardize the chances of the party in 2020.

Action Patriots For Justice, (APJ) through its  research have found out that, there is a deepening and a worsening anger harboured in the minds of the party’s grassroots base, and the most affected, are the polling station executives who controls these grassroots at the various polling stations.

Apathy is the most dangerous enemy to every political party in government and APJ is afraid, NPP is “deliberately” giving it a free course to operate in our great party.

The current regional executives across the country and the various constituency executives are not doing much and are not up to the task, to protect the current NPP parliamentary seats, not to talk of the possibility of adding more, if elections are held today.

The needless squabbles among the rank and file of the party nationwide, is gradually making our great party unattractive, despite all the good works, government is doing.

People have occupied party positions and instead of doing what is expected of them, they sit unconcerned, and contribute negatively to threaten the cohesion of the party, and surprisingly, these characters do so with alacrity.

More worrying and disturbing one has to do with the people sitting on the bench, waiting to be located for positions in government and feels, it’s long overdue or feels sidelined, are really part of the problem.

Some have chosen to activate the silent and inactive mood, watching proceedings of events from afar, whilst others, have a hidden agenda and malice intent to make the party or the government, unpopular.

This saddens our heart and APJ is of the view that, immediate attention should be given in this regard to restore peace and stability in our great party, the NPP.

The regional and constituency executives are gradually becoming non effective, due to personal interest.

Their leadership style is more or less becoming that of the survival of the fitters and how they can influence the system to serve their interest.

Is so pathetic and disheartening but, we are yet to see how national will approach this issue after the release of this statement.

The onus is on the National Executives to  be seen effectively on the ground and be in charge to put things in order, before people labels the National Executives as non performing.

We also found out that, there is a break in communication between the various constituency executives and the polling station executives, which has deepened this anger and apathy, and this is worse in the Brong Ahafo region.

The polling station executives, who represents the vast majority of the grassroots, and are the mitochondria of the party, feels rejected after working so hard and indefatigably, to bring the party into power.

They may be right, because, lack of information resurrect all kinds of feelings and thinking.

Again, the open rivalry between MPs and MMDCE’s are becoming so alarming and scary.

Instead of building bridges, they are building walls to secure themselves but not the party.

This is breeding out factionalism, hatred, and sharp divisions into the party and when one tries to find out the course, you will be surprised to see some few individuals who claim they love the party more than anyone else, are the very ones, behind this divisions, just to see their interest served.

The MP’s should do away with this unnecessary feeling of insecurity and the fear  of being contested and get down to work.

Most of the MP’s have a very poor human relationship and bad approach in answering phone calls and they should be advice accordingly if the party wants to maintain these seats and add more if possible.

The perception out there is that, most of the MMDCE’s have  clouded themselves with this foul air of pomposity, which does not reflect the reason of which the president appointed them.

The MMDCE’s have no reasonable reason to fail the president, and the party and so therefore, their actions and focus must revolve around development and service to humanity so that, the party and the grassroots will feel their impact and in doing so, the chances of the party in the next elections will be a done deal.

APJ can exclude Offinso north and some few constituencies across the country who are doing so well in bringing the party and the grassroots together.

But, Techiman South, and North,

Kintampo North,

Nkoranza South and North,


Berekum east and west,

Tano south,, Gushegu, Karaga, Tolon, just to mention a few of the constituencies, are sitting on a time bomb and if swift attention is not given to these and many more other constituencies, APJ wouldn’t want to sound like a dooms  day prophet but it will bring government’s relentless effort in bringing policies and programmes to help elevate Ghanaians from their hardships, to nothing.

We call on the  national, regional and  the constituency executives, to be selfless and effectively proactive, in  projecting and protecting the interest of the party at all times in their line of duty. It is  the only way, the party can consolidate its gains and even add more seats to the existing ones , come 2020.

The party must set up a national committee of an experienced  and astute personalities whose mandate and reference point will be to; identifying the “problem” constituencies and the  best way, in solving these problems, and it should be immediately, if indeed, the party is bent on recapturing power in 2020.

This is just part one of our research.

More revelations will follow in the coming days and that is titled: CONSTITUENCY CHECK, beginning with Atebubu-Amanten and Kintampo North municipality respectively.

APJ assures the grassroots, that, we will not be mute and sit unconcern  whiles apathy and personal interest gradually eats into the party.

Any individual who seeks to promote his personal interest at the detriment of the party will be exposed.

National Chairman, mr Freddy Blay, National Secretary, mr John Boadu, mr president, Nana Akufo Addo, these are realities on the ground but not fairy tales.

Unfortunately for us as a party, it is NPP people leading the crusade that, times are hard and complaining same all over.

The party’s interest is supreme above any other interest and should be regarded and protected as such.

#NanaAddo will go for his second term but will he get the numbers in parliament to push his agenda?

Long Live Ghana

Long Live NPP

Long Live APJ


Kwadwo Owusu



Ohenba Appiagyei

#050 690 1999


Kwain Isaac

#024 366 4629



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