I promise you a leaner government – John Mahama

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The 2024 flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Dramani Mahama, has pledged to streamline the government if elected as president in this year’s elections. 

He promised to appoint fewer ministers, aiming to decrease government spending and redirect the savings towards improving the lives of the Ghanaian people.

Speaking during a special live broadcast themed ‘Mahama Conversations,’ the former president emphasised that a leaner government structure would enable significant savings, which would be utilised to enhance the welfare of essential workers such as teachers and other employees.

By prioritising the allocation of resources, he aims to address key issues affecting the livelihoods of citizens.

“I promise you a leaner government. We’ll have fewer ministers and cut government expenditure, and any savings that we make will be used to better the lives of our teachers and other national workers,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Mahama reaffirmed that his 24-hour economy concept is the key to advancing the nation’s economy.

He stressed that this initiative is not only pertinent for the present but also crucial for future development.

Mr Mahama emphasised that implementing a 24-hour economy would provide opportunities for continuous economic activity, leading to enhanced productivity and growth.

He reiterated his belief that this innovative approach is essential for addressing current challenges and laying a strong foundation for sustainable economic progress in the years to come.

“The 24-hour economy initiative is the answer for now and in the future. It will create an enabling environment with deliberate policies for businesses, companies, and government institutions to operate 24/7 in a three-eight-hour shift system.”

“In addition to the traditional 8-hour shift system, the two additional work shifts that my administration will introduce will double and sometimes triple the number of jobs that participate in public and private entities that we currently have.”

“This is the 24-hour economy optimization strategy: giving more to society, providing efficient service delivery, and generating decent and well-paying jobs. The benefits of this system will include but not limited to; 24-hour port and harbour services, 24-hour customs services, 24-hour DVLA services, 24-hour agro-processing factories, 24-hour manufacturing industries, 24-hour construction companies and many more,” he added.


Source: Myjoyonline.com

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