I am not sabotaging my boss-Deputy IGP

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The Deputy Inspector General of Police (IGP), James Oppong Boanu, is fighting back allegations that he is thwarting the mandate of his boss, David Asante-Apeatu, by varying posting and transfers the latter did.
Mr Oppong Boanu, says it is untrue, claim that the authority of the IGP, who is due to exit office in few weeks time, is being undermined, usurped and disrespected by him together with some junior officers in uniform.

According to the second in command of the Ghana Police Service, his decision to make changes to earlier transfers sanctioned by Mr. Asante-Apeatu, was undertaken with his boss’ consent contrary to reports that he did it on his blindside.

The Herald, weeks ago, published that the authority of the IGP, had been challenged by his deputy, who went behind him to counter earlier transfers of District Commanders at various districts and regions who had earlier in May, ordered by Mr Asante-Apeatu, to relocate to some particular posts.

Of particular interest was an officer by name George Lysander Asare, a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) who was in charge of the East Legon District. He decided to use his very strong political ties to the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) to undo the instructions of the IGP.

With his connection in the Office of the President, the Interior Ministry and the governing NPP, DSP Asare, refused to follow the directive by the IGP, by choosing not to go on the transfer.

He allegedly locked up his Legon office, proceeded on unauthorized leave with the keys to his office, until his transfer was varied on Friday, May 31, 2019.

On May 7 and 10, 2019 respectively, the IGP, ordered some officers to proceed on transfers, but most of the orders, were cancelled by the Deputy IGP, Oppong-Boanu, with another order dated, May 31.

The Deputy IGP, allegedly issued another transfer instruction by making changes to the earlier ones done by his boss.

Mr Oppong Boanu’s action, brought to three, transfer documents in circulation within the Police Service with police officers very confused as to which one to respect or not respect. The confusion, this paper was told affected most of the police stations, as officers were not aware, who is to be their next Direct Commander.

They were also at a loss, as to whose orders they should follow whether the IGP or the counter orders from the Deputy IGP, this is because by convention, transfer orders are signed by the IGP and not the Deputy IGP, The Herald is informed.

But a rejoinder to Herald following the publication on June 3, captioned IGP’s Deputy, Senior Police Officers in Naked Disrespect Towards Him”, Mr Oppong Boanu, noted that the said changes were done on behalf of his boss when he went on a 10-day leave.

The rejoinder which was issued by the Public Affairs Directorate of the Police Headquarters and signed by one Assistant Superintendent of Police, Simon Tenku, said their interactions with the Deputy IGP indicate that he sought permission from his boss before signing the Friday, May 31, 2019, transfer order.

The rejoinder dated June 6, 2019, but handed over to The Herald on June 9, 2019, defended the IGP and went further to say that it was erroneous impression being created that he was working to sabotage Mr. Asante-Apeatu.

“The Deputy Inspector-General of Police Mr James Oppong-Boanu was acting in the absence of the IGP David Asante-Apeatu, who was on a 10-day leave.

The Deputy IGP, took those decisions referred to in the above publication with the consent of the Inspector –General of Police Mr David Asante-Apeatu”.

It further directed that an elaborate response has been issued on the Deputy IGP’s social media handle whether checks can be contacted.

“A detailed response from the Deputy -Inspector General of Police Mr James Oppong Baonu, on your publication, has been posted on his Facebook wall for reference”.

Source: Theheraldghana.com

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