“Everyday Momo” – Zebilla MP links legislative corruption to constituents’ demands

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The Member of Parliament for Zebilla, Cletus Avoka has attributed the perceived corruption within the legislature to the relentless demands imposed on lawmakers, primarily by the public and their constituents.

Speaking to Starr FM, Mr. Avoka shed light on the challenges faced by MPs due to incessant financial solicitations. He revealed that these demands often compel MPs to resort to corrupt practices.

Mr. Avoka highlighted the dilemma many MPs encounter, where they find themselves entangled in business ventures rather than focusing solely on their legislative responsibilities.

He emphasized the importance of media understanding, noting that the financial burdens placed on MPs, such as requests for healthcare expenses, wedding contributions, and school fees, contribute significantly to the perception of corruption.

Avoka pointed out the routine financial pressures MPs face, including requests for various expenses like healthcare, weddings, and school fees, which make it challenging for them to abstain from engaging in corrupt activities.

Regarding the pervasive belief that all MPs are corrupt, Avoka concurred, underscoring the necessity for MPs to seek additional resources to maintain their seats, often resorting to external activities to generate income.

He explained the dilemma faced by MPs, stating that the need for additional resources often drives them to engage in various external endeavors, such as legal services or contracting work, to sustain their positions.

“Everyday MoMo. Everyday MoMo. Somebody is sick and has to go to the hospital, you have to send money, somebody is going to do a wedding you have to send money, they are going to do outdooring, they are asking for you. They are asking for school fees and whatnot,” he said.

“Many of us lose the election or Primaries not because we are not doing well but because we’re not giving money out. How do you give money out if you come and stay in parliament for 8 hours debating? You’re debating for 5 or 8 hours, you go home in the evening to sleep, and the following day you have no money to send. You have to go out and look for the money.”

Avoka emphasized the inherent challenges MPs encounter in balancing their legislative duties with external demands for financial support, which often leads to compromises in their integrity.

“If I’m not corrupt, how can I maintain my seat? You have to be corrupt in one way or another. You have to look for more resources. If you have to look for more resources, you have to go out and do some work for a contractor. As a lawyer, maybe prepare a bill, or do this and that and whatnot? So I have half attention here, and half attention outside because I need more resources to be able to maintain my seat.”


Source: graphic.com.gh

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