Democratic Comedy and The Tales of Family and Friends government-Ernest Kofi Owusu Bempah

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Are we really divided as a nation, and people? Or is our concept of division along ethnic, or party, lines a construct of imaginary ideological latitudes?

Against whom do the constant contrivances we see in our nation’s politics affect? In contemporary Ghanaian partisan politics, there are very little grey areas for plurality. There is little room for objectivity. Sadly, those who are affected, the most, by the nation’s elitist politics are ones who continue to throw their support behind their party even when reality proves that their leaders have failed them.

The preceding are important questions that twenty-first century Ghanaians must ask themselves in the light of the NDC’s attempt to hoodwink Ghanaians into believing that Akufo-Addo is practising nepotism and cronyism.

Does the NDC have any moral authority to lecture Ghanaians on nepostism? Really?

By the way, why are they not speaking against the qualifications of the so-called family members appointed to serve on the Akufo-Addo government?

I am yet to hear anyone raise issue with their pedigree and qualifications. That should tell you that the whole hullabaloo is completely unfounded.

President Akufo-Addo made over 10,000 appointments into the public sector, what is wrong if less than 50 of his kinsmen are able to make it into the list?

What is the fuss about? Are the so-called family members qualified? Shouldn’t that be the issue? For me, this actually brings to light how Nana Akufo-Addo really has the men.

I believe the constitution of Ghana allows all qualified citizens not to be discriminated against all because they are family members. We should look into their qualifications, and since  No one is speaking against their qualifications then there is nothing wrong.

Let’s not get hoodwinked into believing that these people got to where they are as a result of a mere family connection. Don’t fall for the falsehoods. By their contributions and pedigree, the same people would have gotten appointments in a government with a different leader.

We are talking of a lineage of at least three members from the same family who were in the Big six. We are talking about a generation of J.B. Danquah, Edward Akufo-Addo and Sir William Ofori Atta. These are men who have paid their dues to Ghana.

Mahama and his cronies must be furious and melting with anger when they see these 3 gallant men on the GHANA CEDI

We are talking about dedicated and selfless educated patriots who are always ready to work for Ghana when they have the opportunity.

Akufo Addo’s prominent family who were in the Big Six and liberation struggle fought for our independence.

Can we say the same about Mahama’s Kitchen cabinets of uneducated incompetent greedy family?

The proverbial injunction of he who pays the Piper calling the tune readily comes to mind. When persons including their forefathers were at the frontline suffering the political brutalities, Mahama and his forebears as well as those making the ugly noises were engaged in village battles for supremacy.

In any case, have any of these appointees stolen any money or not pay taxes or state properties given to them to enable it to be share later?

Can we say the same about Mahama who largely appointed square pegs into round holes? For instance, Betty-Mould Iddrisu (wife of Mahama Iddrisu, who was a member of the Council of State), Minister of Justice and AG; Alex Mould (brother of Betty- Mould), Chief Executive Officer of Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC).

-Hannah Tetteh, Foreign Minister; Gabriella Tetteh, Office of the Vice President; and Gizella Tetteh, Board Member, Ghana Airports Company (sisters from one father)

-Tony Lithur, Board Chairman, Ghana Airports Company; Nana Oye Lithur (wife of Tony Lithur), Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection.

– Late Mr. Harry Sawyer and family: Dr. Valerie Sawyer, Deputy Chief of Staff; and Dr. Angela El Adas (Sawyer), Director-General, Ghana AIDS Commission (Daughters of Mr Sawyer).

– Lee Ocran, Board Chairman of Volta River Authority; wife Sati Ocran, Board Member, Social Security and National Trust Fund (SSNIT).

– The Ahwoi brothers and wives: Ato Ahwoi, Board Chairman, Ghana Infrastructure Fund; Kwesi Ahwoi, Ghana High Commissioner to South Africa; Kwamena Ahwoi, Board Chairman, Revenue Agencies Board;  Comfort Ahwoi (wife of Kwamena Ahwoi) Board Member, Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation (BOST)

-Kwesi Amissah-Arthur ( late Vice President):  brother Jabesh Amissah-Arthur, CEO, Bui Power Authority (BPA).

-Joyce Bawah Mogtari (Deputy Minister for Transport), husband Hudu Mogtari (FDA boss) Ms.Clara Bawah sister of Joyce Bawah was on the Board of Bank of Ghana.

-Alfred Mahama elder brother of Mr. John Mahama was with national security. Baba Kamara a cousin of his was National Security Adviser. Alhaji Lamuna Muniru, Minister of Agric is also a blood relative of Mr.John Mahama.

-Brigadier- General Ahiaglo, Director-General of the National Lottery Authority and Wife Dzifa Abla Gomashie (Deputy Tourism Minister)

Some of these people engaged in the worst scandal of the Mahama era. It was reported that Ibrahim Mahama alone was given 70% of 200 billion dollars worth of Ghana’s bauxite.

So you see, Akufo-Addo did not just appoint his family but competent people who are tried and tested.


I shall be back.


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Kennedy Mornah is an Award Winning Ghanaian Journalist with over two decades of experience in the Ghanaian Media landscape spanning the electronic, print and digital media. He is a Media Consultant, a Corporate MC, Radio and TV Host, Founder and Publisher of the Maritime and Transport Digest Newspaper, Businessman, a Go getter and an optimist. He has worked for renowned media organizations including Diamond Fm in Tamale, Luv Fm in Kumasi, Oman Fm in Accra and Starr Fm in Accra In 2017 he received the Reporter of the Year Award at the Ghana Shippers Awards in Accra, Ghana.

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