COVID-19 presents an opportunity to resolve some outstanding national issues – Mensa Otabil

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Founder and General Overseer of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), says the threat of Covid-19 poses an opportunity for the country to resolve some of its outstanding national issues.

Mensa Otabil speaking in a televised sermon on Joy News dubbed “In the Presence of My Enemies”; said the fast-spreading virus has exposed some key problems in the country’s system which he believes when focused on, will produce remarkable results.

According to him, the virus and Ghana’s other infrastructural deficiencies are the enemies,” and the Lord shall provide a table before us in the form of opportunities of growth and development in these sectors.”

“Do you see the new opportunity that God is opening for you? There are going to be a new level of business, new businesses and there are going to be new things to be done.

“For us in Ghana for example, this crisis can help us to focus properly to solve our outstanding national problems. Problems like sanitation, problems like hygiene, problems like city planning, problems like employment, industrializations, science and technology, how to minimize poverty.

“These are the enemies we must be dealing with and in the midst of this crisis we’re going to find an opportunity to resolve some of these problems and the courage to resolve them, it is called ‘I will prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies’” he said.

Pastor Otabil also added that the threat of Covid-19 to the lives and livelihood of mankind will lead to an explosion of ideas, science and technology to make the world a better place.

“In the midst of this enemy, God is preparing a table before us as opportunities, ideas, new things are going to happen. Obviously we all know our world is never going to be the same after this.

“There is going to be an explosion of science and technology because we’ve been threatened so much. Mankind is going to explode with new inventions and new ideas and things are going to be dramatically better than they were before.

“That is the table that God is preparing for us in the presence of your enemy and you have to pick your portion of that. You don’t go through this and suffer all these and go and live your life as it was. There is a table being prepared before you and you must banquet at that table of the Lord,” he said.

Furthermore, he encouraged Ghanaians to not be downtrodden by the news of the death of people as a result of coronavirus infection, but revel in the joy of the many recoveries all across the world.

“Sometimes in a crisis like this we only see the enemy, we don’t see the opportunity. It’s amazing that though many are dying and many are being infected, many are also recovering.

“And what surprises me is the story of recovery all over the world is not shared. More people are recovering than are dying. Of course, any one person that dies is horrendous, must not be countenanced and we must be sad for any human being to be lost.

“But we must not let the sadness cripple our joy at those who are being redeemed and those who have been saved and those who are recovering. So whilst we are talking about the enemy and his danger, we must also look at the table that is prepared before us in the presence of our enemies.

“It‘s not all doom and gloom,” he said.



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